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(Video on user request) At the user’s discretion, I dressed in a leather skirt and green satin shirt. I’m sitting on the bed, handcuffed, blindfolded and a ball gag in her mouth. Satin shirt is from saliva, because the gag to force me drooling. I can hear how it coming my friend. Unbutton satin shirt. Oh! On my chest is a red lipstick written inscription "blouseslut"! A friend takes out of my mouth gag and pushes me into them penis. Blowjob in handcuffs begins. During blowjob my friend whispering gentle words and encourages me. I am his helpless, humiliated and handcuffed submissive girl. I want to make him a blowjob liked. In conclusion, once again I get to mouth ball gag. Boyfriend masturbates and looks at on me, his slave girl in handcuffs. Cumshot on my chest and leather skirt. He leaves and I stay alone. Breast with the inscription are from semen and saliva … vainly I fight with handcuffs.

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